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About Clarette/JoyRae

My legal name is Clarette Martin; my spiritual name is JoyRae Freeman, a name chosen after the guides gave me the name Joy.  My journey for expanded awareness began when I was part of a three woman team selected for compiling a channeled book, a metaphysical primer - Project "Earth".

I am a master healer, sentient, empath and intuitive. I have always 'known' things without reading or being told. I'm an Angelic Messenger.  In 1996, I received a very powerful energy activation - a gift direct from Source. I named it Divine Light and the activation further opened up my conduit, intuitive abilities to a higher level. The result is a powerful multi-dimensional connection with the client.

The most effective session for the client is when I provide a Divine Light energy healing segment after the card reading.  The healing energy is very powerful and is effective with a wide range of issues, blockages and imbalances. Testimonials

In addition to the direct energy gift I received, healing modalities I've studied - my unique life experiences in business, matchmaking, and an empowerment coaching practice - add keen insight for life issues.

These gifts and this consciousness is all about the benefit to others. I am an eternally very grateful and willing conduit.  I truly believe that we can create a better world - TOGETHER, one whole person at a time.

Many angels, guides and ascended masters, including Angel Joy - work with me.  She is part of a collection of original paintings by famous clairvoyant artist, Celeya Winkler -  commissioned by  Elizabeth Huffer, who saw the images prior to the paintings being requested. Ascended Master Portraits

Workshops, retreats, speaking and large group healing events are also part of the journey - my own divine destiny and a part of my role in assisting others to reach their highest potential. 

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Clarette Martin

Spiritual Name JoyRae Freeman

Aquarian Madonna

Angel Joy


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