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OSHO ZEN Tarot Cards


The Cards Never Fail

I use a variety of layouts depending on the duration of the reading.

Your angels and mine are present, providing divine guidance.

The cards always provide the que for correct information the clients need to hear now.

The energy healing assists with clearing issues and blockages.


Life Changing

A middle aged woman came for a reading and although I typically do not mention this - I told her that I won't predict death or other negative events. Then during the reading - the layout and cards presented revealed that she had recently 'run away' from home and was thinking of ending her life, due to health issues and feeling hopeless. But through the remainder of the reading - positive solutions presented and at the end, she felt empowered and hopeful.


A young professional woman came for a reading - seeking guidance for a challenging relationship situation. During the reading - the message given to her resonated strongly and she had a huge release of tears. She took a cell phone camera picture of the layout and told me the reading had changed her life.  The above mentioned reading also provided great feedback, but in the form of a shift in demeanor - she 'lit up'.