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Divine Light Healing Energy Testimonials

JS - (Angel Message and Crystal Energy Session) Thank you so much. I got a lot of important information from that experience. I'm very grateful.

AT - was diagnosed as needing for knee surgery due to articular cartilage damage from a fall. 
She had a very memorable energy session (listen to audio) with JoyRae. At a check up weeks later, was told by her Dr that the knee was fully restored and no surgery will be needed.

NM, who lives in Edmonds, WA - had hip replacement surgery earlier in 2017. In November we scheduled a distance healing session and at the appointed time - we spoke briefly prior to the relaxation meditation and then I delivered the healing session. 

The next day . .  I received this from NM:  Good Morning, JoyRae! The results of the session are everything I hoped for.  My new hip no longer hurts and I slept for 10 hours last night...(just up to the bathroom a few times and then back to a deep dreaming sleep)

She also posted to FB:  November 19, 2017 · 

I had a wonderful healing session with JoyRae Freeman yesterday. It was a long distance session as she lives in Montana and I live in Washington. Amazing healing new titanium hip had been acting up and it is now at peace! Google JoyRae if you need an energy healing that really works! 

JoyRae Freeman is an amazing energy healer in Montana. She does long distance healing that is just as real as if you were in her physical space!


CT - Recently, at a holistic festival in Spokane - I attended a healing energy talk by JoyRae Freeman.  When she asked for sample healing volunteers - I raised my hand (one of over a dozen people who raised their hands) and she picked me. (On the drive over to Spokane - I had been praying that I would find some healing for a very serious infection in my jaw and various levels of deterioration of my body - and when I went into the lecture room - I prayed that she would pick me for a sample healing). During the sample healing, I felt light filling me and heard 'popping' sounds in my jaw and throughout my body and felt something lift out.  After the talk - many people from the audience came up to me and said they had heard the popping sounds also. 

JL - I am a psychic and have been all my life. Recently, I noticed that I was not able to 'connect' as easily. I contacted JoyRae in May, 2013 - for help with opening up my 6th chakra (third eye).  We scheduled a distancehealing and I did notice a large opening in my third eye since the healing session.

NM. - On July l4th, 2004…I was having a problem with my lower back and hip joints. As I was traveling with JoyRae Freeman to a meeting in Vancouver, WA, I was privileged to have her attention and the gift she offered of an energetic treatment. As I was receiving the treatment from Joy, I heard the words, “The Hands Of God”…being a psychic and used to getting messages from spirit I was not surprised at the message. I do believe that Joy has a very unique and special gift from the universe for healing. She does, in my opinion, work with “The Hands of God.” The pains were relieved and have not returned and it is my belief that they will not."

PD. - "For 5 months, I have had the L4-L5 disk protruding onto the base nerve. I have had months of excellent care with my chiropractor, phyiscal therapy, deep tissue massage, cranial sessions, ultra sound treatment a range of healing; general to specific. I was progressively getting better after three months, but my hips were uneven by about 10 inches, I required a cane to stand/walk and I was in a great deal of pain. During the first treatment, I was really quite miserable and felt more pain from standing than I could bear. (A Touch For Health Practitioner had given me an energy "sweep" right after Joy's session and I then fully felt JoyRae's earlier treatment, which had been overshadowed by the pain) Several hours after JoyRae's first treatment, I could actually walk somewhat straight for about 30 minutes and I felt a lot happier. By the next treatment with JoyRae(two weeks later) I was standing and walking almost without the cane. The second treatment produced more results. By the third treatment, (another week later) I was MUCH better (now walking without the cane, relatively painfree) and can actually feel the energy go through my body during Joy's treatment. A fourth short treatment removed some residual pain - I could feel the energy change. I will recommend this healing to my friends."

PD. Part II "Hi Joy,Some interesting updates on your healing process. On Sunday July 21, you did a special healing on my head. Though at the time I didn't recognize any specific shift, I was thankful for your most gentle attention. On Wednesday, I had an appointment with my chiropractor and friend, Dr. Larry Stanton. He was in the process of adjusting my head (as he normally does) when he adjusted in a new way (I'll have to show you). I felt a shift on the left side on my brain and I knew something released and I had more access to my mental strengths. It was profound in a quiet sort of way. Since then, today is Thursday 26 hours later and I still feel the change in my brain activities. I can see right now, Joy, that you were instrumental in this process and want to thank you. Love and Light, Pat"

GB. - "All my life, I've been 'stuck' in my right hip. I couldn't sit on the floor 'Indian style' or even stretch my legs without restriction or pain. After a session with Joy, I was able to sit down on the floor and stretch, sit 'Indian style' without pain. I am free of the 'stuck' feeling - both physically and emotionally. I also saw some amazing images during the treatment (crystals, linked grid, dolphins, 'HART' - while she was working on my heart chakra, while/golden light and a heart shape with peonies at the tip) and felt a lot of the energy coming through parts of my body."

RD. - "I'd had 4 urinary tract infections in 5 months accompanied by anxiety and fear. JoyRae's healing energy treatment and formulas have helped my release my fears and totally cleared up the infection (not one in the 4 months since)after just two minimal sessions.

JS - "It's been years since knee surgery after a sports injury. My energy and fitness were declining. Then 4 months ago, I began a vigorous training geared toward getting back to my 'fighting weight'. I was debilitated by lowerback pain (from scar tissue) and swelling of the knee. Treatments with JoyRae ELIMINATED those problems and I was able to resume kickboxing, snow-boarding, weight lifting and jump roping PAIN FREE! I have been extremely pleased & surprised over the lack of swelling (none) since my healing sessions with JoyRae."

DL – had been limping from a torn or strained Achilles tendon - ankle injury pain.  During a brief energy treatment by JoyRae - focused on the lower ankle and heel area, she felt movement in the location where the pain originated.  After the treatment, the ankle area was pain free, flexibility was improved, swelling was reduced - a couple of days later, went hiking with no problems.

JL. – After multiple visits to the chiropractor – J had only temporary relief from nearly constant and immobilizing lower back pain - and she had declined to take prescriptive pain medicine.  JoyRae conducted a short treatment (5-10 minutes), focusing on the lower back. J immediately felt the heat from JoyRae’'s hands and after the treatment, she was standing and moving about with no pain - weeks later, no pain.

WB. – Had severe respiratory issues – experiencing difficulty breathing,  lethargy. After a medical check up and xray showed two active spots on the lung, a referral to a lung specialist was scheduled the next step. Meanwhile, JoyRae conducted an energy treatment  – during which he felt movement in the spot area of his lung.  His clairvoyant wife, who was observing the treatment, saw his lungs transforming to pink during the session. Weeks later, when another x-ray was taken  - the spot on his lung had disappeared.

R.K - (owner of Joe, older English setter) – Joe had been injured when a vehicle drove over him.  The vet surgeon placed a metal piece in the hip and an amputation was being considered if healing did not progress satisfactorily. Joe was not able to put weight on the injured back leg.  Joe’s owner brought him for an energy treatment with JoyRae. During the treatment, which was focused on Joe’s lower back, left hip and leg area - Joe turned and licked JoyRae’s face, which he has NEVER previously done to any stranger.  Just a few minutes into the treatment, Joe’s back left leg stretched out and then moved back close to the body. The owner was amazed since that leg had no voluntary movement since the accident.  Joe had one additional treatment and he began to gradually gain strength in the leg, and regained the ability to navigate up and down stairs.  No amputation was necessary.

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